Committees and Groups

The PRSA Westchester/Fairfield Chapter is a voluntary organization and its service to members would not be possible without the talents of the several committees. Each committee creates an annual plan, sets how it wants to meet (in person, by phone, email or online)  and sends in reports on its activities to the monthly Board meetings.  Committee members are welcome to attend Board meetings, but are not required to do so.  The Peer Groups and Committees are listed below; just click on the title to see their members. More details on the Peer Group benefits can also be found here.

Peer Group_Solo/Agency

This Peer Group has been a popular member benefit for many years and offers a useful forum for practitioners in solo practices or small agencies to share needs and knowledge, and to stay current from periodic guest experts. Please contact Don Levin or Anne Albanese if you're interested in joining.

Peer Group_Non-Profit

This Peer Group provides communicators within non-profit, government and academia an opportunity to share needs and knowledge. Please contact Don Levin if you're interested in joining.

Peer Group_Corporate

This Peer Group provides corporate communicators with the opportunity to meet and share needs and knowledge they may have in common, and to benefit from periodic guest experts. Please contact Don Levin if you're interested in joining.

Job Bank

This committee collects listings for job openings, to post on our website Job Bank page and e-mail to our regional database. It also coordinates with the Treasurer regarding listing fee invoicing and collection. It enables our Chapter to serve the business community as well as our  members, and Job Bank volunteers have the opportunity to develop relationships with both. Please contact if you're interested in working on the Job Bank.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee actively recruits new members, seeks to retain current members and reaches out to lapsed members, by phone, e-mail or face-to-face individually or at events. Committee meetings are usually held by phone, interspersed with e-mail. The Membership Committee can be an asset in helping new members become a part of the Chapter community and in encouraging them to become involved by volunteering for a committee. The time involved can range from 1-8  hours/month. Please contact if you're interested in joining this committee.


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President and consists of at least four members. This committee nominates candidates for officer and director positions (except for incoming Immediate Past President and President, when it is filled by the President-Elect). The nominations are submitted for President and board approval and to the membership for voting. In addition, this committee helps recruit committee volunteers on an ongoing basis, collaborating with committee chairs and the board.

Program & Professional Development

The Program & Professional Development Committee plans and produces Chapter programs, including luncheons, workshops, peer groups, socials, etc., including recruiting speakers and handling logistics. It sets up the year's calendar and coordinates with the Publicity Committee to promote attendance, and with the Revenue Development Committee regarding sponsorship. It can also create sub-committees dedicated to specific events, such as a new signature event or a Fairfield Communications Council (FCC) joint event. It provides a strong opportunity for volunteers to develop relationships with industry leaders, the media and regional venues. Time involved can range from 2- 6 hours/month. Please contact if you're interested in joining this committee.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee is responsible for publicizing the Chapter's public activities, including programs and leadership. It maintains a media list of traditional and new media and posts on the Chapter's social media sites. The committee encourages journalists to cover events and ensures they are registered and attended to. 

On occasion, O'Dwyer's Newsletter may request a write-up and photo of a Chapter program, which Publicity will provide. It may also use the Chapter's camera and digital video recorder for website photos/podcasts of programs. It also seeks out editorial opportunities to advance the Chapter's visibility within the region. This committee provides its volunteers with the opportunity to develop media relationships. The time involved per month can range from 2-5 hours/month.

Please contact if you're interested in joining this committee.


Revenue Development

The Revenue Development Committee seeks sponsorships for Chapter events and advertisers for the website, and develops any other ideas it feels could be viable. It coordinates with Program & Professional Development and Publicity to ensure that sponsor benefits are fulfilled (e.g. online, print, event promotion, sponsor attendance at their event with promotional materials, etc.) It also coordinates with the Treasurer regarding collection of sponsor or advertising funds. The time involved can range from 1-3 hours/month. Please contact if you're interested in joining this committee.



Website Committee

The Website Committee is the liaison between vendor Star Chapter and the Chapter. It also posts information and helps maintain the site's integrity in coordination with board and committee leadership responsible for their respective pages. It may also coordinate with Revenue Development in posting ads or other paid promotions and with Publicity in posting coverage and event photos, and Membership on member data updates.

It monitors Star Chapter-provided metrics and reports to the Board as needed, and may, on an ad hoc basis, provide content where no clear committee responsibility exists, such as Articles/Information, Media Insights, and member features.

It provides volunteers with a good opportunity to learn or hone website skills. The time involved may range from 2-4 hours/month. Please contact if you're interested in joining this committee.