September 8, 2020


JULY 8, 2020 


June 4, 2020

Dear PRSA-WF members:

We are in the midst of a national bereavement, a demand for redress, and a need to demonstrate, no matter the potential risk to our safety and health. Some of us are walking streets in solidarity and some of us are volunteering, donating, and sharing our thoughts in ways ranging from social media to discussions with family, friends, and colleagues.

We also know that our work as professional communicators makes a difference.  We seek to listen, analyze, evaluate, draw on our best critical thinking, and bring understanding and interchange. We know effective communications matters, whether it is on a large societal scale or one to one. And we see the harm that can result when the need for communications is not recognized.

PRSA’s 2020 Chair, T. Garland Stansell, APR, has voiced his feelings about what is happening this way:

“As communicators, those pledged to ethically and responsibly promote healthy dialogue and the free flow of information that can help inform attitudes, opinions and beliefs, I believe we should be the voices of compassion, the voices of civility, the voices of reason, and the earnest voices of challenge to help our employers, clients, communities, friends and families engage in productive, honest and empathetic conversation.

We can use our individual and collective voices to stand for truth, to speak out in our communities and workplaces to help cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusion that recognizes and celebrates the inherent value in each person regardless of age, race, religion and sexual identity.


We also stand in support of our First Amendment, and the safety and protection of our journalist colleagues who are on the front lines doing their job. We can also use our position to engage others in dialogue that supports the free flow of information in a transparent, honest manner that advocates for accountability in our society.

Communicators cannot single-handedly change the tide in our country, but we can be a conduit to lead others to acknowledge the importance of using their voices in constructive ways — ways that help to move us through these troubling times and beyond to become better individually and as a society.”

This is heartfelt, and we believe that one way to move forward can be found in the new PRSA Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2023.  This three-year plan is the result of a research initiative based on qualitative and quantitative data collection, including interviews, focus groups and a survey, under the leadership of PRSA’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

We encourage you to download and review it,  and we look forward to working with you, our chapter members, as well as your colleagues in the District and the Society, to realize its promise for our profession and, through us, for the world in which we live. If there is to be an awakening, professional communicators must be a part of it.

Stay well,

Stephanie M. Harwood, APR
2020 PRSA-WF Chapter President

















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